Sunday, December 14, 2008


On April 20th, 2008, I met up with the KING of cupcakes...

Probably one of the most influential people i've met. He did things differently than most to get where he is today.

I randomly wrote him on myspace asking if the next time he was in California I could meet up with him and take jumping pictures of him. He wrote me back right away and said FOR SURE and gave me his number.

Just a couple weeks later I met up with him outside of Fred Segal in Santa Monica. He was out in California getting his Melrose store plans worked out. We sat down and ate after taking pictures. We shared a love for Pee Wee. We traded. My Pee Wee Herman cupcake painting for 2 Johnny Cupcake shirts. Fair trade I must say.

Johnny Cupcakes jumping for cupcakes...

The painting I sent him.

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