Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hey everyone!!!

My name is Jenny Rae! For as long as I can remember... i've LOVED cupcakes... and i've LOVED jumping pictures. 

Here's me at age 5.

I still love taking jumping pictures! There's just something about them that are so fun! 

I started a really cool idea a while back called, "WILL JUMP FOR CUPCAKES". Basically, what I do is take pictures of people jumping for cupcakes. Easy as that! I make cupcakes... and then I say... "HEY!! YOU!! WANNA JUMP FOR A CUPCAKE??" Usually I don't get turned down, because who would say no to jumping for a cupcake... really...

I'm new to this whole blogger thing so for now i'd like you to draw your attention to my cupcake myspace, which can be found at

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